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I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am to be included in the latest issue of Art Galleries and Artists of the South.


The lighting I design has always been an outgrowth of my fine arts background.

Form, line, composition, rhythm, color and pattern, as well as classical proportions form the basis of my work.

My finishes come from years of working with paints and other media to create beautiful pieces which I see as jewelry for the rooms they inhabit.

p74 cropped

p75 cropped 

The interior shot which is included  in the article comes from an absolutely gorgeous New Orleans home owned by Tom, a good friend and client. The house is located in the Garden District and I think he told me it was built around 1830. I had created several pieces for the more informal rooms in his house and now he was ready to get some pieces for his living and dining rooms.

t lyons 001

The two rooms line up along the right hand side of the house and are separated by a cased opening, so the two chandeliers needed to relate to each other as well as to the grand proportions of the rooms.



Each would hang from an ornate plaster medallion which was original to the house.

best living room

We decided to place a custom sized "Sheldon" chandelier in the living room because the Tom wanted something open and airy, gilded and with crystals. He especially liked the beaded fronds which are featured on the central band.

t lyons 024

As soon as it was hung, we knew it was perfect for the room!


Next, it was time to hang the one in the dining room. Working closely with Tom, I created a piece that would be a good partner for the one in the living room. It is also gilded with crystals, but more ornate and festive.

t lyons 009

We made sure to hang it at just the right height for the table as well as for the mirror we wanted to reflect it.


It has twelve lights which hang in pairs from six places around the band. There are leaves on each arm as well as spokes which radiate out from the center which form a relationship with the medallion above.

t lyons 025

t lyons 036 

The mirror placed over the mantel reflects both the living and dining room chandeliers, doubling the effect of each.


t lyons 058

I love the spare and uncluttered look of these rooms which create the perfect backdrop for these two over the top chandeliers. Since these pictures were shot, the addition of some great pieces of art has made these rooms complete.

I am the owner of Julie Neill Designs in New Orleans where we create beautiful custom lighting. This blog is my love letter to the unique people, places and happenings which make New Orleans the amazing place it is.

Please visit my website to learn more about my lighting and our fabulous shop on Magazine Street.

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