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Fifi Laughlin is a bright star in New Orleans lighting design. She creates unspeakably beautiful lamps and chandeliers using handblown, handcast and handformed glass. Although I'm more naturally drawn to neutrals, I am crazy about her use of color. Perhaps its because the colors she uses are so gorgeous or because the translucence of the glass makes the colors so luminous. The Catherine lamps pictured above are my absolute favorites. This turquoise translucence in combination with the clear glass fluted spheres is perfection to my eyes. This Catherine, done here in a clear green combined with amber is also fabulous. I love the sumptuous simplicity of the silk shades Fifi uses. They are both opulent and understated and add dramatic tension to her designs. This detail shows a wonderful combination of clear and opalescent glass. Much of the charm of these pieces is the juxtaposition of textures: fluted against flat, rough against smooth, cast against blown, clear against opaline. The Paris lamp is a lesson in geometry with its round fluted body, square base below and square silk shade on top. Simple and mind-blowing in its balanced perfection. Her attention to detail is evident in the perfectly flattened glass feet and fluted finial. The Meme lamp is both elegant and fun. Again, though I'm not so big on color, I think these are delightful. This style is called Hollywood and I can see why. All mirrored glamour spheres in combo with simple silk drum shades. The double tiered clear formed base of the Beatriz with clear neck and clear fluted spheres gives a feeling of elegant ice sculpture. The smoky Beatriz with dark bases, golden orbs is dramatic and voluptuous. This detail of the Beatriz, with its combination of colors has a bit of an Art Deco feel to it. This floor lamp gets a definite wow! I love the simple drum shade. The simple metal framework of these chandeliers plays a great supporting role to the glass orbs. These pieces shimmer with a gem-like quality and have such a feeling of modern sophistication. I love how well this comes off in the very old home pictured below. Fifi's gorgeous work is a definite room -maker. I am very happy to say that she is a neighbor of mine. She is as delightful and luminous as her lamps! Fifi Laughlin can be reached through her website,

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