It's a day to watch the Rex parade, where the King of Carnival parades through the streets of the city, leading the most traditional and beautiful procession of the Carnival season. It's a day to wear your costume. And watch the parade with your friends and family.

My friends Jessica, Mary Alice and Fran wait for the parade with my daughter, Isabelle

My friends Julie Chapman, Mary Beth Rittner, Julie Ponze and Me at the Orpheus parade on the night before Mardi Gras

It's a day to eat and drink and celebrate and catch a lot of the best throws and enjoy the good weather and have a wonderful time!

My neighbors Fred and Tom getting ready to go to the parade.

My friend Carroll, with her daughter Julia. They brought me a french King Cake from La Boulangerie for Mardi Gras day feasting. It was delicious!

Jessica and Michaela hang out at my house before the parade.

My daughter Isabelle is so thrilled to catch a special throw, a crown-shaped pillow with "Rex" embroidered on it.

Since it is now after midnight, Carnival is officially over, and Lent has begun, it is now Ash Wednesday.
These are some photos I took at Friday night's parades. Since I am completely worn out from a weekend of celebrating, I am including only one word captions to describe what's going on. I think that will be sufficient for anyone to get an impression of magical overriding atmosphere of this time in our city.










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Although I've tried to illustrate with pictures and one-word captions, there really are no words to adequately portray what goes on here, you just have to experience it!

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