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porche west st ann's shrine 

Christopher Porche' West is a native Californian with maternal cultural roots in the deep South who became involved with photography while in Louisiana on a fellowship from the University of California at Santa Cruz to study a pre Civil War sub-culture, "les gens de coleurs libres" or free people of color. In 1982 he returned to New Orleans to live and undertake self-directed photo-documentary studies of life and cultural activity in the Afro-American community.


Principally a photographer, he uses this medium to express visually the intrinsic uniqueness of New Orleans as a culture which inspires passion and longing in all who experience her.

Tubafat Mourncal

Christopher began taking his expression of his love for New Orleans and its culture to the next step-he began constructing assemblages using architectural fragments from our beloved city.

porche west buster

"These artworks evolved into unique utterances of both the photograph selected and carefully tended base materials, mostly architectural findings... that forwards a sense of universal belongingness we have in our human condition."

porche west ash wednesday at corpus christi

"In some instances, wooden boxes lined with stained glass form reliquaries underscoring the sacred dimensions of New Orleans' religious customs and secular rights."

porche west papa doc's record shop 

Porché West's latest work captures the subtle, more solemn spirit of the city; the sense of strength, joy and resilience that sustains New Orleans and her people.

porche west sun porch 

Through the meticulous craftsmanship of his pieces and the conscientious visions they inscribe, Porche West's work manifests the timeless, indestructable spirit of New Orleans.


porche west reverence

Christopher's view of New Orleans as a sacred and special place is shared my many. The loving care he takes in constructing his pieces from fragments of this place reflects his devotion to our city and its people. I think that he is a very special artist.

His work is being displayed and sold this weekend in the Contemporary Crafts area of the Jazzfest.  More information about Christopher and his work, which includes notecards and bookmarks can be found on his website.

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