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Although Jonathan Shaw was born in England and has lived in Australia and in many places in the United States, he currently calls New Orleans home. Many of his murals can be seen throughout our city and his decorative handpainted finishes grace many New Orleans homes and businesses. I'm very happy to say that the current show in my art gallery features his newest work.

jonathan 004

A few months ago, he began painting his Dance series. These works are done on canvas  or on board and are executed using an interesting combination of media. Drawing on his experience as a decorative painter, Jonathan combines such materials as acrylic paints, Venetian plaster, oil paints, gold and silver leaf, glazes and waxes to produce his richly textured paintings.

jonathan 012

Both his paint finishes and the figures he portrays are full of  a certain exuberance which carries from the interior of the gallery space out to the street, drawing in many who pass by.

jonathan 005

 Some of his paintings are very subtle in color, but the gesture of his figures and his application of paints and glazes lend motion and intensity to the work.

jonathan 010

The depth of color in the turquoise Venetian plaster is achieved through a series of transparent layers of paints and plaster  and forms a dramatic contrast with the richly waxed  amber  leaping figure.  This turquoise color is very alluring and a number of  pieces similar to this one have found their way into several New Orleans homes. One even traveled as far as Houma. They look so good in their new homes that I wish I had some photos of them, but alas, I don't.

jonathan 008

This especially cracked and crazed surface reminds me of an ancient piece of pottery or relic recently unearthed. 

jonathan 006

Both the composition and paint techniques capture the unbridled joy of motion.

They are freely executed and vibrate with visual pleasure. Jonathan_Card_Front

I love the subtle hues of aqua and ocher in this diptych on canvas. I love how the figures relate to each other and the shapes of the negative space between them.  I love the contrast of the heavily textured paint on the figures against the almost watercolor-like soft background.

If you are going to be in the area, please stop by and check out this fabulous show of Jonathan Shaw's current work. Our address is 3908 Magazine Street.

If you need further info about Jonathan or his work, please call 504.899.4201.

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