Who Dat? We Dat! (or Julie Neill Designs Lights the Way to the Superbowl)

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As everyone knows, the city of New Orleans is in the deepest throes of the Saints going to the Superbowl! There is nowhere that this is more true than at Julie Neill Designs! We can barely contain ourselves, wearing our black and gold garb, sporting our Who Dat t-shirts, and talking about nothing else. This morning we took time before going to the studio to have a "WhoDat" breakfast at Slim Goodies, a wonderful diner down the street from our shop, which has been painted with the
Black and Gold and emblazoned with "Go Saints"  painted on their front window.

Caught up as we are in the Saints excitement, we couldn't help but coming up with a couple of chandeliers dedicated to our team! We're gonna light their way to winning the Superbowl!


The first one we made was all New Orleans, and all out! It has a crown of fleur de lis, and a heaping of Saints beads with the black and  gold fleur de lis as well as some pearls and crystal  strands thrown in.

jan 2010 108

We created it in true Who Dat style, with nothing held back and an exuberant appreciation for the black and gold, it's all -out New Orleans fun.

mary and jen

Mary and Jennifer, the two biggest Who Dats in our group are so proud of their handiwork! Aren't they the cutest Saints fans?


Of course we had to hang it in the window of the shop...Because we're lighting up the way to a big win for our Saints!!

saints 050

So many of our neighbors have put out the Black and Gold in support of our team.

mignon fleur

Here's what jewelry designer Mignon Faget's shop looks like these days.


Peggy Stafford had this gorgeous tile mural made to decorate the front of her fabulous Stafford Tile and Stone.

katy beh

Katy Beh flies the flags of the Who Dat nation at her jewelry shop.



Even Our Lady of Good Counsel church can't help but display its team "spirit"!


Julie Ponze, our Sales Director has made dressing "Who Dat" a fashion statement.


I'm "wearing" the next chandelier we came up with. It's black crystal with gilded fleur de lis and gold crystals and some Saints fleur de lis thrown in for fun.

It seems that all we can do in New Orleans this week is eat,

jan 2010 017

(there's Mary with a "Saints in the Superbowl" cake.

drink and party till it's all over.

A Who Dat Crawfish Boil

This photo from nola.com shows that Who Dat's know how to party New Orleans Style.

We will be closed on Monday as a recovery day because partying will be epic! I hear many businesses will do the same.


There will be a day of rest in the Who Dat Nation because New Orleanians will be celebrating all night long, and we're so proud of our team!



No city loves their football team more than we do!

Geaux Saints!

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